‘Teach Me To Dream’ – Book Review

‘Teach Me To Dream’ has been written by Mr. Durga Prasad Dash whose work I always have admired. It is an anthology of poems that celebrate life in its myriads of aspects: love, longing, pain, illusion,beauty and ugliness, freedom, bondage, war, politics, enlightenment.There is no sphere of life that is left un touched by the author. Each emotion is conveyed beautifully and every reality is expressed with conviction. Each stanza is a beautiful piece in itself, touching the deep core.

In part I, the way the author has connected seasons and emotions with his web of words is so heartening.
“there is a rhythm in the sun,
melody in air, and
dance in water”
Through words the author is indeed celebrating the nature with beautiful expression.
In poem ‘your sweet absense’
In the following lines
“In my lack of discretion
hoping to rise with you
I fall again and again”
while there is a longing that expressed with a hope,
the next poem ‘on her departure’
“sunny days have gone out of stock
not to be replenished for millennia
but life would continue”
the lament of a hopeless lover is nicely captured.

Author uses liberal symbolisms not just to express love and longing but also the harsh reality. In the poem “To the abattoir” he vents his displeasure at modern day education system, cleverly comparing herds of sheep with school children.

In “Shravanbelagola” there is dig at modern day tourists who are obsssesed with taking selfies even during pilgrimage.

There is a subtle humour in certain lines:

“with a noisy engine

my partner has taken to his flight of dreams”. ( A Trip to Amarnath)

We may miss such subtleties during a hasty read. The poem also has a spiritual undertone.

Another poem – Without Rhyme and Reason’ Not to miss this for its deep spiritual message.

There are some poems like, The Trade Secret, Masks that conveys harsh reality point blank with focreful and pearcing words.

Poems like Teach me to dream,
To a weary traveller make us stop and ponder over.

In part II, each micro poem within its four lines contains depth of an ocean. For example: Immortality

I know not, Therefore I am.

I’m happy to be a part of this awesome book. It contains a few of my illustrations. While working on my illustrations, I had to read and re-read the poems several times lest I missed the actual essence of any poem. I’m not exaggerating if I say the more I read, the more I fell in love with the poems.

Don’t miss to read.

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